pandora's star and judas unchained

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Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained by Peter F Hamilton

I loved this story – great characters, great conflict, great conspiracy, backstabbing politics, murder, mayhem and cool technologies. I especially like the universe that Peter has created. I was a bit doubtful after reading Misspent Youth which I loathed. The main character was despicable to me, his betrayal and selfishness and arrogance! But Pandora’s Star was a winner and I will definetely be on the lookout for any other books from this author.

According to Hamilton’s website The Void Trilogy is set in the same universe but 1000 years on, will be out in early 2007.

David says:
I loved this duology. Once again Hamilton paints a convincing picture of human society in the future. I am always impressed with how he does this so well, but differently, in each of his settings. What happens in rejuve, stays in rejuve.

While only two books, in terms of words, this series is longer than many trilogies. Peter Hamilton doesn’t succumb to the plague of multiple points of view that certain other authors use to increase their wordcount, which only blurs the storyline and confuses the reader. The characters here are tightly defined, and you’ll quickly grow to care about them, or at least want to know what happens to them next.
It’s not necessary to have read any of Peter F Hamilton’s work to enjoy this. Get reading! (for the record, I enjoyed Misspent Youth).

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