Juliet Marillier – The Well of Shades (Book 3 of The Bridei Chronicles)

I have really enjoyed this series. This book can easily stand alone and apart from the series, the story is strong and the two main characters – Faolan and Eile – changed just the way I wanted them too. I stayed up until 3am completely sucked in.


My favourite thing about these books is the romance, Ana and Drustan, Bridei and Tuala, and Foalan and Eile. I was totally shocked when Faolan started to thaw, he had begun to change in the last book, but in this one he completely turns around. I love Foalan, he’s the type every girls wants to save, brooding, hurt, honourable. It was great when his family turned out to forgive and love him. I didn’t expect Faolan to fall for Eile or her for him either, considering. There were some moderately graphic details of Eile’s abuse which was disturbing but necessary.

Honestly, I had to read through to 3am to find out if they got together! Am I a sucker or what.

I’m wondering what Marillier is planning with this series, its not like George RR with many issues left unresolved, or a Katherine Kerr where the rebirth scenario creates a greate excuse for a new storyline. I was kind of hoping that Carnach would turn against Bridei just for the fun of it.

The Christian vs Druid thread is not as strong in this book, although Brother Suibne’s letters feature as an aside and scene change.

I think that the main problem with the series is now that Broichan has reunited with Tuala, there isn’t really a great nemesis/antagonist to pit Bridei against. Breda was a pretty weak antagonist. Marillier is setting up Colm for this, but I’m not convinced. Marillier is closely following Pictish history, you can read more at her website…


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4 Responses to Juliet Marillier – The Well of Shades (Book 3 of The Bridei Chronicles)

  1. CF says:

    OMG I love Juliet Marillier. I’ve had the well of shades on hold at my library for THREE MONTHS!!! I am getting really anxious about it… if I don’t get it for christmas, I am going to SOB. I am saving up, just in case. YAY FAOLAN!!!!

  2. Lorraine Scott says:

    Hi my name is Lorraine is there any more books been published in the Bridei Chronicles.

  3. taryn says:

    Hi Lorraine…Juliet doesn’t seem to have any more Bridei books in the wings :(

  4. CF says:

    *sigh of relief*
    I got the book only a couple of months ago and it’s already almost falling apart. I loved every single page of it, and I can’t wait for the next one. I hope she gives Faolan a say in the Heart’s Blood book. Again, yay Faolan!

    In reply to Lorraine, There’s The Dark Mirror, Blade of Fortriu, and the soon to come Heart’s Blood, which I suspect will be about Saraid and Derelei.

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