The Next Book Club Books Are….

The Risen Empire – Scott Westerfeld (from Taryn)

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke (from Ellen)

White Tiger – Kylie Chan (from David)

Since David took so long to read The Risen Empire, Kylie Chan’s Red Phoenix is added to the list!

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5 Responses to The Next Book Club Books Are….

  1. taryn says:

    Sounds great! Hope all is trucking along well :)

  2. davekay says:

    Hey taryn send me an email at work and let me know how things are going!

  3. taryn says:

    Kylie Chan doesn’t seem to be available in the UK, will have to order from Australia. Can I have a bit more time please?

  4. davekay says:

    Don’t worry about ordering Kylie’s books, just move on the Temeraire or the Emperor series!

  5. taryn says:

    D’oh… how did I miss this comment! Oh well…

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