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Lord of Light – Roger Zelazny

Again, like Light I found the first few chapters a challenge, but once I got a bit deeper into the story I was hooked. What’s not to like about a scenario where humans have colonised a new planet with their … Continue reading

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Light – M. John Harrison

This book was recommended to me by some great spec fic lovers and has been widely touted as the best thing to hit spec fic in years. I hate to disagree but in my opinion Harrison hasn’t outdone Iain M … Continue reading

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The Dispossessed – Ursula Le Guin

This was fantastic, although I found some of the physics a bit hard going. I loved the style, structure and ethics of the book. I have seen a range of Ursula Le Guin’s books in stores but had never been … Continue reading

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Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke

I had seen this book on the shelf for ages and I kept picking it up, reading the back, flicking through the millions of pages and thinking ‘is this going to be worth it?’ and ‘should I?’ Yes, I darn … Continue reading

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Gradisil – Adam Roberts

‘Revenge needs to space to grow’ is the hook for this book. And it certainly does grow throughout the book as we follow a family through three generations of obssession with the ‘Uplands’, a belt of space above the atmosphere … Continue reading

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Temeraire (Book 1) – Naomi Novik

This is a great read, what a joy after Kylie Chan! Great plotting, each chapter leaves you wanting more – this is the kind of book you’ll end up reading until 4am. The Dragons are fantastic creatures – intelligent and … Continue reading

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