Gradisil – Adam Roberts

9780575076310.jpg‘Revenge needs to space to grow’ is the hook for this book. And it certainly does grow throughout the book as we follow a family through three generations of obssession with the ‘Uplands’, a belt of space above the atmosphere where the rich or technically able can live without interference from those down below.

The plot follows the characters in their efforts to become Uplanders, make the Uplands a political force or avenge their beloved leader, it is also like a mini history of the Uplands search for independence.

Politically, the people seem isolated, ethnocentric, disconnected and involved at the same time.

I kept going away and coming back to this book. The world is interesting, some characters are great, others awful. I couldn’t stand old Gradi and felt quite sorry for them all at the end.

I loved Salt but I’m not sure whether I would recommend it straight away… but you can read an extract here.

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