Gridlinked – Neal Asher

Gridlinked - Neal AsherI picked up this book after reading Pmarc’s list of the top ten sci fi books of the noughties. Its well worth a try. This is another one that I couldn’t put down – I’ve had a great month of reading :)

In this world, AI’s run the universe and honestly, why would you trust any one else to?

Ian Cormac, Special Agent, has been ‘gridlinked’ for thirty years, ten over the max, and is going through serious withdrawal. He has been sent to investigate the destruction of the AI, city and ‘runcible’ on a far off way world. He is being chased by a terrorist hell bent on revenge and his team of mercenaries cum robot golems.

It’s classic spy mystery pumping action.

And the good news is – there are loads more to come.

Check out this review over at Sci Fi site.

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3 Responses to Gridlinked – Neal Asher

  1. derek Martin says:

    About to start this! I have read alot of Pmarc’s suggestions from that list and havn’t been disappointed yet! Though I can’t seem to find the right Ken Mcloud yet…got a suggestion?
    be well.

  2. taryn says:

    I recommend McLeod’s The Star Fraction. Moh Kohn is a gun for hire, with awesome reaction times and a seriously cool gun. It’s a crazy splintered Britain with hundreds of mini states.

    It’s good fun, I rate it :)

    Here is the synopsis from Amazon:

    In a newer world order where the peace process is deadlier than the wars …Moh Kohn is a security mercenary with a smart gun, reflexes to die for and memories he doesn’t want to reach. Jamis Taine is a scientist with a new line in memory drugs, anti-tech terrorists on her case and the STASIS cops on her trail. Jordan Brown is a teenage atheist with a guilty conscience, a wad of illicit cash and an urgent need to get a life. Between them they’ve started the countdown to the final confrontation, as the cryptic Star Fraction assembles its codes, the Army of the New Republic prepares its offensive and Space Defence lines up its laser weapons for the hour of the Watchmaker …

  3. derek Martin says:

    Hi thanks for the Mcleod suggestion. I just finished Gridlinked and sad to say I really didn’t enjoy it all that much. I thought it was kind of a by the numbers typical sci-fi space adventure romp zzzzz and lacked any genre pushing edge. o well. Give me a Rucker anyday :)
    I recently really enjoyed “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi…Next up Dancing Bear by James Crumley… Ciao
    thanks again, :D

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