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For the firefly fans

Check out this online Dark Horse comic by Jim Krueger and Will Conrad called Serenity: the other half. Also in the news, Shepherd Book gets a comic explaining his back story.

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…what I’m reading at the moment

1. Space by Stephen Baxter (Thanks, David!) 2. Astropolis by Sean Williams (Book 2 of Saturn Returns) 3. Affluenza by Oliver James (An interesting psychological study of need to consume. He conducted interviews around the world) What I hope to be … Continue reading

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feathers – the new scooby snack

Jeff Noon, Vurt. Published 1994 Noon has created a fascinating world ruled by feathers – a heady drug that takes users into another dimension. Most of the people in this crazy new Manchester are searching for their next vurt feather … Continue reading

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a satisfying urban fantasy and romance

NB: When I picked up this book I had no idea who Stephenie Meyer was or what other books she had written. Obviously in the last week she has been all over the press and news with the launch of … Continue reading

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