Death most definite – Trent Jamieson

Cover image of Death most definiteThis book is just good fun. It’s a high-spirited tale of a hostile takeover of Death’s operations in Australia. It’s set in Brisbane – hilarious for anyone who knows the city (and sometimes quite painful as Steve has to traverse the city by bus – truly horrible.)

I feel sorry for Steve, all he wants is to quietly recover from his hangover.

He narrowly misses being shot and ends up on the run with a really hot dead girl. Unfortunately, all his colleagues in the pomping business weren’t so lucky and now he is one of a few pompers left to help souls get through death to the underworld and it’s painful.

Also, there are nasty zombies called stirrers on the rampage, killing people or just making them so depressed they kill themselves. Steve, along with his ghostly sidekick Lissa, have to figure out who’s shutting down Death’s operation in Aus before it goes to hell.

I really enjoyed this book and would encourage anyone to pick it up and give it a go. Thanks to the guys at Brisbane’s Pulp Fiction for the recommendation.

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