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Jennifer Fallon – The Demon Child Trilogy

Jennifer Fallon is another one of those authors, who I’ve heard of but yet to sample. Over Christmas I got seriously stuck in to her first trilogy:- Medalon, Treason’s Keep and Harshini. If you’re looking for some quality medieval magical … Continue reading

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Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke

I had seen this book on the shelf for ages and I kept picking it up, reading the back, flicking through the millions of pages and thinking ‘is this going to be worth it?’ and ‘should I?’ Yes, I darn … Continue reading

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Temeraire (Book 1) – Naomi Novik

This is a great read, what a joy after Kylie Chan! Great plotting, each chapter leaves you wanting more – this is the kind of book you’ll end up reading until 4am. The Dragons are fantastic creatures – intelligent and … Continue reading

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I am Legend

While I was waiting for crappy Kylie Chan to arrive, I delved into some other much better sci fi/fantasy and landed upon I am Legend by Richard Matheson. This is a great book, well worth a read. Since it was … Continue reading

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Kylie Chan – White Tiger

Ok, why? David/Ellen, why? Even though I haven’t finished this book, I feel compelled to write a brief review as David has chosen to propose about six books! I am really struggling to get into this book. Maybe its because … Continue reading

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Scott Westerfield – The Risen Empire

I know this wasn’t on the list to read, but I picked it up at Dymocks before I left and really enjoyed it! Read it, I command you. The book has a host of things I liked: A love story … Continue reading

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Juliet Marillier – The Well of Shades (Book 3 of The Bridei Chronicles)

I have really enjoyed this series. This book can easily stand alone and apart from the series, the story is strong and the two main characters – Faolan and Eile – changed just the way I wanted them too. I … Continue reading

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Gene Wolfe – The Knight

I think I jumped into this book with high expectations – Neil Gaiman professed it to be ‘important and wonderful’ after all, and I love Neil Gaiman. I was drawn into the world that Wolfe created, a young boy taken … Continue reading

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Grace Dugan – The Silver Road

Thanks, David for lending me this book – I honestly couldn’t put it down. I was totally absorbed by the story of Zuven’s journey to discover who she was and what she wanted. I also loved Yetala, a young noblewoman … Continue reading

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